Eyelash Extension FAQ

Q: Does the eyelash extension make my real lashes fall off?

  • Answer: No. Each individual lash have a life cycle of 3 months. They got through 3 cycles of life. If it does come off it can mean a couple of things. Either that you pulled or kept touching the extensions conscious or not, or your lash technician glued a few strands of lash together instead of individually. Most of the time though, its usually because we tend to touch it without realizing and causing lashes to fall off faster. :

Q: Can I wear mascara?

  • Answer: Preferably no. If you do wish to, apply only at the tip. Wearing mascara will make you eyelash extensions look clumpy and dirty,

Q: How often should I get refills?

  • Recommended is every 3-4 weeks,. Some people do come as early as 2 weeks, because they become so happy with it that they need it full at all time! 

Q: Is there something I have to do after getting eyelash extension?

  • Answer: YES!, Allow 24 hours for glue to completely set, so do not touch water. Stay away from Steam or any heat source for at least 24 hours. NO oil based make-up remover. EVER. 

Q: How do I know if I am allergic?

If your eyes have been red and feel a little discomfort for more than 3 days, you should contact your eyelash technician. They will be able to remove it if your are allergic. 

Q: Is it dangerous? Does the glue get in the eye?

  • No. Just make sure you trust your eyelash technician and make sure they are certified and a Professional. You will never get glue in your eye, its pretty much impossible since your eyes will be closed at all time. It's normal to sting in the middle of the session due to the fume from the glue,

If you any other questions, feel free to e-mail SkinLogic. Please allow 24hrs to respond. Thank you.

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